"I am so pleased with the results! Prior to treatment, I had a quite a bit of facial hair and was very embarrassed by it. Laser hair removal was the best choice for me. I had very good results with electrolysis, but only had time for one half-hour appointment per week. With laser, I scheduled one half-hour appointment every 6 weeks. I had five treatments, and two years later, have had only minimal re-growth. I highly recommend this for others in my situation."
In need of serious skin rejuvenation, I booked an appointment for the much talked about Green Peel at PURE Laser USA off Michigan Avenue. I was excited and nervous about having a Green Peel, but the expert staff at PURE Laser USA put my mind at ease. They explained that the Green Peel is organic, using herbs to remove fine lines and sun damage, leaving behind only baby soft skin. There is almost no down time; patients experience some peeling for the first few days (as if you spent too much time in the sun) but none of the serious redness, peeling and scabbing one might experience with similar treatments, such as chemical peels."
"Amazing experience with the vi peel from dawn! My skin is scar free after 9 months of different treatments the vi peel gave me the finishing results I wanted! Absolutely amazing 😉"
"Dawn is very professional and knowledgeable. Using high tech equipment, she is great at making electrolysis as pain free as possible. I am very happy I found her and highly recommend to all!"
"When it comes to my face I am super particular. Recently I had the pleasure of a consultation with Dawn, who was so knowledgeable that even before she touched my skin she was already able to give a complete run down of problems that I had been dealing with. Granted to the average person my skin looked good but she noticed things that I hadn't even mentioned yet during the consultation. She took the time to explain ways I could combat future problems as well as things I could do to correct current problems. In the end I got the VI Peel done, the process was fluid, she explained each step as she completed the treatment and then sent me home with a card, products and her number instructing me that if I had questions to contact her day or night. I was stunned and shocked by this level of care, this shock continued even more so by the results I received. I have since gone back to have her do my laser hair removal. As a dark toned woman I had always a bit of fear of how my skin would react to the process, again Dawn took the time to go over the procedure before and as she completed the process. My results are amazing!!! So much so that I sent my brother to her and his results were equally amazing! If you are looking to go to someone who will offer you great care and a great service there is no need to be hesitant about going here and asking for Dawn. She will work wonders on your skin!"
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